Your allergy results will indicate the need for allergy injections/immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a program of regular injections of increasing amounts of extracts of allergens (organic substances which cause allergies) to which you are sensitive. When sufficient relief of your allergy symptoms can not be achieved with environmental controls and medications, immunotherapy can reduce your sensitivities. It is effective for weeds, trees and grass pollens, dust mites, mold spores and some animal danders. Food allergies should be rotated or eliminated in your diet depending on how allergic you are to the food.

Your allergy symptoms are caused by your body producing an excessive amount of allergy antibody when you breathe allergens. Immunotherapy helps your immune system build protective antibodies to the various allergens for which you are being treated. These protective antibodies reduce the allergy reactions and can suppress your system’s tendency to produce excessive allergy antibodies.

Injections are administered weekly until you have achieved your maximum symptom-relieving dose. This takes several months depending on your degree of sensitivity. The test methods indicate a safe starting dose. Each patient is different and the strength of the maintenance dose and frequency of injections is tailored to the individual. The maximum symptom-relieving dose is then repeated weekly until your symptoms have been controlled through at least two consecutive seasons. After that time, an attempt is made to gradually taper your injections. Most people undergo immunotherapy an average of 3 to 5 years. We allow you to take your injections home after reaching the maintenance dosage provided you’ve had no problems and we require you to have a current EpiPen or Auvi-Q. We offer home immunotherapy classes to teach how to self-administer your injections.

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