The doctors at in Lafayette, LA can bring the nose into balance with the other elements of the face, dramatically transforming their appearance.

Do you have undesired features of your wide nose, Is your nose too large, crooked or perhaps there is a bump on the bridge? Consider rhinoplasty as your solution. One of the most common forms of facial plastic surgery is rhinoplasty. Over half a million individuals every year consider changing the appearance of their nose. Most of these individuals are simply unhappy with the nose they were born with, while some are looking to correct a defect caused by an injury to their nose or to correct a medical problem that affects their breathing. Whatever the reason, nothing impacts an individual’s appearance greater than the shape and size of the nose.

The majority of the incisions are made inside the nose and are invisible. A cast is—–after surgery to help protect ——-. Sometimes, to achieve maximum results, your surgeon may suggest additional procedures to help enhance the overall appearance.

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