Swimmer’s ear is an inflammation and infection of the ear canal. It occurs when the protective film that covers the ear canal is removed. Symptoms of swimmer’s ear include itching, pain, and a feeling of fullness in the ear. Your ear canal may be red and swollen.

Risk Factors

  • Very narrow or hairy ear canal
  • Live in a warm and humid climate
  • Impacted earwax
  • Head injury had also injured your ear
  • Previous case of swimmer’s ear

Causes of Swimmer’s Ear

Most common cause of swimmer’s ear is when water, sand, dirt, or other debris gets into the ear canal. Other causes of inflammation and infection include:

  • Allergies
  • Bubble baths, soaps, and shampoos
  • Cleaning the ear canal harshly or with a sharp object
  • Headphones inserted into the ear
  • Sweating
  • Skin problems

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